History and Development of U.S. Law and Government

History of Western Political Tradition A brief overview of the development of political philosohpy from Socrates to Marx by John A. Sterling

Biblical origins of American Political philosophy by John A. Sterling. A look at the biblical and philosophical origins of self-government.

Christianity as an Influence on the Founders A look at some of the best-known founding fathers and what they said about Christianity and the Bible. Also, what their contemporaries said about them and their faith. By John A. Sterling

Scroll down the page for Documents and quotes that demonstrate the ideological basis of American Self-Government

1. Magna Carta

2. The Mayflower Compact

3.Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking up Arms.

4. The Declaration of Independence

5. The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights

6. The Federalist Papers This hyperlink takes you to the THOMAS information site maintained by the U.S. Government. To return to the Law & Liberty Foundation, use the BACK button on your browser.

Other historical documents that help us understand the political discussions and debates that were raging during our formative years.

7. Davy Crockett's speech on the Floor of Congress 1830

8. Madison Veto of Public Works Law March 3, 1817

9. Sermon by Samuel West on the right to rebel against governors, 1789

10. Offenses Against God by Sir William Blackstone

11. Discourse on Civil Liberty by Nathaniel Niles, legislator, judge, & preacher, (1741-1821)

12. Civil Disobedience: A duty to disobey by Jonathan Mayhew, (1720-1766)

QUOTES from the Founders. ALSO, quotes from influential Americans (and a few others) that indicate a philosophical perspective on our form of government and the scope and intent of our laws. INTERESTING!

Sites on the Web where you can find many more historical documents

LINKS The Constitution Society

Articles on Religion and America's Founding

Washburn University